Our New Online Store Is Now Live

Our New Online Store Is Now Live
Our New Online Store Is Now Live

Hi Everyone,

A monthly newsletter is probably going to be the new normal, I don’t think I need to fill up your inbox any more than that. This space will be used for market updates, seasonal produce, new products, promotions, recipes and health blogs featuring people in our community that have health stories to share with us. So, here is a quick update, I have tried to keep it short and sweet! But I do like to write. We thank you all for continuing to shop at your local Greengrocer in a time when convenience is the biggest winner in a busy world.

Market Update

We are mid-way through the chill, which means Citrus should be in your fruit bowl and your fridge should be full of amazing Sunshine Coast Strawberries.

Blood Oranges have started and I have noticed the flesh has deepened in colour the last few weeks.

Tangelos are beautiful and our Afourer Mandarins have been juicy and sweet. It was a slow progression from Imperials to Afourer’s, but I think that as you are all stepping out of your comfort zone you are trusting the product we have on the shelf.

It has been a hard season for Mandarins, the lack of water when the trees were budding and the fruit was setting did have an impact and we have done so well with our choices this year.

There are so many options other than an Imperial and good on you for trying all the varieties. They are all unique and serve a purpose throughout the season.
In the next few weeks, we will change our lines again as Afourers’ finish and we start our Honey Murcott season.

Cooloola Berries have not been able to supply as many Strawberries so far this season and we urge you to please visit their farmgate for Paella and U Pick to help support them during this season. We are taking as many Berries as they can give us.

Our other selection of Sunshine Coast Strawberries has been absolutely amazing and right now is when you should be feeding your family a few punnets a day. Strawberry Ice-cream, Strawberry everything. Lunch box treats should be Strawberries!

The rain scheduled over the next few days may interrupt supply for a short time.
We have 500g and 250g Premium punnets in store, both are different products entirely and you have the choice with your selection.

Avocados are a little light on supply and look to be holding their price for some time yet. As with anything, we always try to supply a value line. Our 1kg Small Hass Avocado Bags are the best!

The small fruit have small seeds, they cut amazing and are pretty much the no waste Avocado option.

Reed Avocados are back in store, they are elusive and are only available for short periods of time before they go again.

Bananas! So, we know its winter, but Bananas lose their shine during the cooler months. Just because a Banana isn’t a glamorous yellow, it has no reflection on the eating quality or what it looks like on the inside.

Too many great bananas being picked over because they are not yellow enough. I please urge you to trust the fruit, it really is just weather related. This is where we can do our bit to fight food waste.

Cauliflowers have been cheap and there is so much value in these at the moment.

Cucumbers are still quite high but are slowly coming down. They need the warmer weather. It is not exactly salad eating weather, so I know cucumber is not really on your go to list at the moment anyway.

Australian Grapes have all but finished, we have bought in Muscat’s so that we have an Australian option available, but imports from America will start to hit the market.

I am encouraging you to look towards Brassicas, Citrus, Berries and root Vegetables.

Seasonal + Warm foods will keep the immune system strong. If you are definitely hungrier during the cooler weather, make big batches of soup - use lentils, grains and noodles.

Soup is for the soul and on cold days Soup for breakfast is appropriate.
We have been getting back to basics with our soups and they are deeply nourishing. So many customers are sharing their soup recipes and we have been making them in store for lunch. Thank you!

Spring is not far away, and I am already thinking about and preparing the store for our next season.

For the moment though, to eat affordably please keep eating seasonally, learn to adjust weekly with what becomes available and you will find your fridge takes on a whole new dimension of colours and options.


Our Website went live last week and with that we have created a whole new system to navigate and learn. We do appreciate your patience as this massive effort was started back in March. I had it in my mind that we were going to roll out on June 30, but we couldn’t make it happen. July is the month.

There are changes daily as we find things that aren’t going to work in the long term and systems that will work.

Innovating creates challenges but they can all be overcome with patience and the right attitude.

I guess for us it is important that we remember we are not Woolworths or Coles.
We are an Independent Small Business working within a particular framework, but we can deliver something amazing with time and effort.

We welcome suggestions and feedback and we are trying our best to keep this as accommodating as possible for our community.

If you have not checked it out yet, please pop on over to www.tewantinmarketgarden.shop and have a little look around.

The website is nowhere near complete and the pantry lines are only a fraction of what we have. We are aiming to load 5 new products a day, which means soon we will have quite a large selection to bring you.

This is version 5, with 100 more to go. It will be amazing to see where we started from in a year. I am all for slow and steady progress.
Delivery Fee

Okay, so this hot topic has come up for review this week.

During Covid we provided our community with free delivery to all areas. I know this was well received and appreciated.

At this time, it is something we cannot continue, and we are asking our customers to help support with a $5 delivery fee that contributes towards expenses and keeping our drivers employed. This is something we wrestled with for a long time. Too be honest, a source of anxiety for me last week.

We understand that this is not something that you may want to do, as feedback has already been received, but we hope that the value that is provided in our produce and our services far outweighs this small fee.

We hope that you can understand.

If you have concerns about this, please call and speak to me at the shop.

Covid Reflections

While it seems this is not going away anytime soon, we are faring better than many others and I feel that there is enormous gratitude in this when we stop to appreciate our position.

We are able to move about and do things for ourselves.

Queensland is doing great and our lives have returned to some amount of normality.

During the thick of this back in March and April, we saw a surge in concern over food supply, healthy eating and really getting back to basics.

There has been a shift for many people in how we source our food, where we source it from and how we should use it to feed our families with the most nutritional impact.

I hope that over the coming years we remain humble in our approach to eating and we take away something from this that wasn’t there before.

If you have built a vegetable garden throughout this time, how is it faring?

If you are a seasoned gardener, you know the trials and tribulations of growing your own food. If you don’t get to eat it, something else will and right there is the message.

It takes a lot of work to grow good food and we appreciate those that dedicate their lives to feeding us.

In the past we may have had the mentality that food magically appears on the shelf in a grocery store, but behind every Capsicum or Zucchini is a story we know nothing about.

The farm, the family, the trials, the losses, the gains. The weather, the water, the conditions.

This is the mentality that will help shift us from unconscious consumers to conscious ones.

It is not just about “Me” or “me” it is about “We’.


New Products

We have two new products this week and they are both local!

We welcome Dan The Mango Man and Biscotti Noosa to our store.

Dan dries Australian grown Kensington Pride Mangoes and is another local business owner who is supporting Aussie Farms.

They are delicious.

In the middle of winter this is pretty special, and I have treated myself to a few testers just to make sure they are okay for you all.

We welcome Dan to our store, and he is being well received. There is nothing else in them, just dried Mango, no sulphur and no nasties. While we wait patiently for Mango season and warmer weather, this is a real treat.

We also have Rosie from Biscotti Noosa who is hand making traditional Crostolli, Almond Bread and other treats. If you are of European heritage you know just how time consuming Crostolli is!

They are beautiful and have been received well by our local community. We used to make these with our Non and it was such a huge process, days in the making.
When Rosie brought them to us, we saw the value in her products and it seems you do too.

That is a wrap for July 2020!

Eat Well,

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