A Real Market Update - Tewantin Market Garden Sunshine Coast

A Real Market Garden
A Real Market Garden

We often get asked how much of our stock we buy from the Rocklea Markets. It’s a question we feel is something that requires a little more depth.

The Rocklea Markets is our central hub for all of our regional and local growers to send their produce. These growers are not contracted to Woolworths and Coles.

They are offered a fair price for their food which is reflected in the sometimes (sometimes not) variances between a Small Independent Grocer compared to Woolworths.

Independent grocers go to the Rocklea Markets to procure their stock.

Some us get really lucky and have a store so close to a growing region that we get to know our farmers first hand. (Amazing!!) – But it never takes away the importance of the continued support through Rocklea that keeps the Industry going.

The Markets are filled with local and often small scale farmers. The support from this central hub is what keeps thousands of farms operational and keeps us independent fruiterers going.

With no independent fruiterers, every single person would have no choice but to accept the dictatorship from multimillion dollar companies that are not supporting or sustaining the future of Agriculture.

We have many local growers that deliver to our doorstep and we 100% support our own backyard.

We are so very grateful for this. 🙏

Our own backyard is also our close regional growers, our state and our nation. It’s not a question that is as simple to answer as throwing a ratio out there. Because those Beans from Gympie come to us via Rocklea.

The Apples come from Stanthorpe via Rocklea.

The Cabbages from Gatton via Rocklea.

Sometimes knowing a little more can help alleviate some misconceptions.

Independent Grocers are all in this together, as well as all of the Independent Growers and Agents.

So this is us! And our little corner of the Sunshine Coast is doing what it can to bring a little love and appreciation to what is a very friendly and family orientated Industry. 

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