Welcome to our Store

We are a family owned and operated Fruit Shop in Tewantin, QLD.

We are a Mother and Daughter team with great staff to help operate our Fruit Shop. 

Our cosy little town is like a village and many small business’ operate together within the community.

We support over 40 local farmers and artisans and we celebrate the changing of our seasons.

Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring bring a change to our food supply and growing conditions. Australia has the best of the best and often right at our very own door steps.

Education and awareness can help us to better understand how to eat with the seasons and benefit from the food that can deliver the most nutritional impact at certain times of the year.

Ever wondered why we are eating citrus in Autumn and Winter? Why we are eating Mangos, Cherries and Stonefruit in Summer?

The answers are there when you start to ask the questions.

The change starts with us.

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